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our philosophy

At First Lubbock, we know that kids thrive when given age-specific programs that are both fun and educational.  Our goal is to help kids see God for who He is and to see themselves the way God sees them, so they can love others the way God loves them.


We are passionate about helping kids find and follow Jesus.  From Sunday school to loving and caring volunteers, our goal is to ensure each child experiences a safe and fun environment where they can encounter the love of God.  From sill skits to larger-than-life lessons, the Bible is taught in creative and relevant ways so that each child might understand and experience God's love and truth.



We want our littlest ones to sense that church is a safe place where people care for them.  Once your child is checked in, head to their assigned class where a loving volunteer will gather specific information about your child's needs:  eating schedule, snacks, developmental level, etc.




Young children learn best when they are having fun!  Our Sunday school volunteers use a curriculum by Lifeway that helps kids connect with Jesus and learn more about the Bible. Volunteers actively engage the kids with creative teaching, lively worship, and tons of opportunities for hands-on fun.


Sunday School provides a fun, safe, and nurturing environment where children learn:

"God made me"

"God loves me"

"Jesus wants to be my forever friend"

"God has a purpose for me"




In our grade school classes, we use a Bible-based curriculum by Lifeway.  It is our desire to partner with parents to help children and families find and follow Jesus.

Before kids move up to middle school, our goal is that every child learn four basic truths:

"Jesus loves me, no matter what"

"I can trust Jesus, and His word, no matter what"

"Jesus will help me love others"

"Jesus has a purpose for my life"

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