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Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you come to First Lubbock?


I am a Lubbock native and call First Lubbock my home church as well.  I spent my youngest years up through college worshiping here and was given the opportunity to serve as a Student Ministry Intern.  I left First Lubbock in 2012 and am glad to return 7 years later!

What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?


Some of my favorite trips I’ve been on have been to Colorado. I really enjoy being in the beauty of the mountains.  Trips to Latin America have been really incredible as well!


Other than Jesus, what historical figure would you most like to meet?


I think an afternoon talking with Abraham Lincoln would be awesome!

What are a few of your hobbies?


I love spending time with my family and would call that one of my hobbies.  I do enjoy time in my garage working on projects.


What do you love most about First Lubbock?


The people are my favorite thing about First Lubbock.  So many people in this church invested in me years ago and I thank God for the community of people found here.


What would you say to a guest to encourage them on their journey to finding a new church home?


I would tell someone looking for a church to look at the evidence; see if a church is bringing glory to Christ through worship and  participation in His redeeming work in the world. 

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