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Tell us a bit about yourself.  When did you come to First Lubbock?


In 2011 I found myself opening the next chapter of my life 500 miles away from home all by myself in a strange, brown, windy city. As I started my freshman year of college at SPC, I looked for a church to call home. After much prayer, I joined First Lubbock in 2012. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit over the years my role has changed from college student to church member, to pianist, to intern, to band leader, to associate. I love our church, and I can’t wait to see what work God has in store for us next!

What was your childhood dream job?

There was a brief period of time where I wanted to become a basketball player… About the time I turned 12 music took over my life, and I quit growing taller… Encouraging people through music became my passion; I am living my childhood dream job!

What's your favorite place you've visited?


Anchorage, Alaska holds a special place in my heart. The natural beauty there is beyond anything else I’ve seen with my eyes.


Other than Jesus, what historical figure would you most like to meet?

Dave Brubeck was a groundbreaking pianist and musician, and he pioneered the genre of cool jazz, smashing the stereotypes for what music could be. In contrast to many performers of his era Brubeck was also a compassionate man whom many remember as a servant.


What are a few of your hobbies?


For me nothing beats writing a song, recording it, and releasing it for others to enjoy. I also enjoy listening to and collecting vinyl records. Tennis, disc golf, and swimming are fun with the right people, but I’m perfectly happy watching the newest Marvel movie with a group of friends who appreciate the genre.

What do you love most about First Lubbock?


The reason I chose First Lubbock as my church all those years ago was because Sunday morning was only the beginning. The Gospel is our tonic; it sends us out from the stained glass walls into our community emboldened to share the love of Jesus everywhere we go. There is purpose in our gathering. Our church takes that purpose seriously, and I love being amongst that kind of church.


What would you say to a guest to encourage them on their journey to finding a church home?


As a man born from a generation of identity chasers, I would tell anyone looking for a church home that there is no other way to find joy in being your true self. Like each member of the human body, each man and woman has a distinct purpose that can only be realized as a member of the church body with Christ as the head. It’s this community of faith that cares for one another, spurs one another onto good works, and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a world desperately looking for hope!

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