young adult classes

Adult Sunday School Classes will be meeting on alternating weeks. Below is a table showing when each Adult Sunday School Class will meet. Classes have been assigned to “A-week” and “B-week” groups.


January 10, January 24, February 7, & February 21


January 17, January 31, February 14, & February 28

young married

Adults 20s - 30s in Room E300 A/E

Led by: The Buschmans, Rogers, & Krings


Adults 20s - 40s in Room E300b

Led by: The Kelleys

parents of young kids 1

Adults 30s - 40s in Room E300 J

Led by: The Adams, Blounts, & Perrys

parents of HS & College Students 2

Adults 40s - 50s in E300I

Led by: Scott Spore

Special education

Adults of all ages in EB01

Led by: Beth Hart

graduates & Professionals

Adults 20s Room E101

Led by: The Dawsons & Chapmans

parents of young kids 2

Adults 30s in Room E300 F/L

Led by: The Hamiltons, Hiltons, McNeels, & Davises

Parents of elementary & MS Kids

Adults 30s - 40s in Room E301

Led by: The Waldmanns & Johnsons

Parents of MS, HS, & College Students

Adults 40s - 50s in Room E302

Led by: The Pirkles

parents of HS & College Students 1

Adults 40s - 50s in Chapel North

Led by: The Meers, Keenums, & Nesmiths

31:30 Ladies Class

Women of all ages in Room E300K

Led by: Kathy Hutchens

MEn's Class

Room E300H

Led by: Wayne McKim

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